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Help me test the new site...

To All Regulars -

If you want to see the new version of dandelife (it's actually got fewer features than the current dandelife) - I'd welcome your feedback now:

It's a staged version of dandelife. We stage our development here always before pushing it live when we're feeling confident in it. You can bang on it, but just keep in mind that it's not THE dandelife so anything you write there will be erased as we stage further developments.

As for the changes you'll see here, there is one major thing we got rid of: Streams. We kept flickr, twitter, livejournal and typepad integration (because you can publish your stuff to those sites), but we stopped recording streams. This means your streams data on the old site will be gone. If that's content you can't live without - let me know. I may put some more effort into creating an archive for specific users. But since that streaming data existed on other sites to begin with, I'm hoping it's OK to nix it. Either way, let me know.

The major improvements here are for reliability. The new site should be much faster and, given it's simplicity, much easier to use.

Your mission is to find bugs. When you find things that don't work quite write, respond to this post with your findings.

Again, thanks for being a very valuable member of this community. It pleases me to no end that you're a regular.


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